KAI WB Chef hnífur 20 cm

Vörunúmer: 2-kai-6720c

  8.900 kr

The Wasabi Black Series can trace its origins to Japanese communal kitchens. 
Thanks to a successful combination 
of enduring functionality and sharpness, 
robust material quality, and a minimalistic design, the numerous blades 
of the 
series are intended for uncomplicated and continuous use and convince 
with an impressive price-to-performance ratio. 
Lastly, the series owes its easy-care handling to the water-resistant plastic handle - the pleasant feel of which has 
been achieved through the addition of bamboo powder. 

The polished blades of the Wasabi Black Series are made of newly developed corrosion-resistant 6A/1K6 steel 
with a hardness value of 56 (±1) HRC. The extensive range offers both double-edged blade shapes, as well 
as traditional Japanese single-edged blade shapes. The slightly arched back of the blade allows a secure grip during work, 
making it easier to make fine rocking movements, for example.

The black plastic grip is water resistant and thus particularly robust. Its oval or chestnut shape (depending on the blade size) 
exhibits a pleasant, natural feel thanks to the addition of bamboo powder.

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