Sous Vide iVide WIFI 800 W.


  22.900 kr

iVide 800 watta hægt er að tengja við WIFI.
Vinnur með allt að 20 ltr af vatni.



The iVide Cooker is the worlds smartest Sous Vide Tool to date. Thanks to our APP you will never have under or overcooked food again. Simply select the product type you are wanting to cook, select the weight and doneness and the iVide Cooker will do the rest for you.

It features a 360° directional pump for maximum circulation, an easy-to-use anti-reflective touch screen display, and stainless steel parts. It is easy to disassemble and has a dishwasher-safe steel skirt. You can easily set the temperature from 25-99°C and the timer for up to 99hours. It is built with a state of the art 800watt heating element that will never burn itself out.

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