Dynamic Master Mix 410

Vörunúmer: MX004V

  92.500 kr

Master range powerful and non detachable handheld mixer.

It mixes purees and emulsifies up to 100 l. (25 gal) with ease.
Micro switch automatic locking system
Continuous function auto run button allows to mix continuously or pulse
AErgonomically designed handle
High ventilation point
Indicator light : for your safety the light indicates that the unit is plugged in and ready for operation
The mixer tool : the stainless-steel tube ensures quality and durability
Titanium-plated blade : durable,dependable and long lasting
The blade can be easily removed with a small screwdriver

Tasty cream soups can be prepared directly in the cooking pot, as well as many dishes such as fish soup,
bread and cheese soup, spinach, mashed potatoes, chopped salads or cabbages pancake mixture,
sauces, mayonnaise, cod brandade and so on.

For day nurseries, and dietetics, finely crushed vegetables, mashes, gruel, pap's,
mashed raw carrots,fruit creams etc.

Machine diameter     122 mm
Total length                720 mm
Total length                410 mm
Weight                        3,5 kg
Output max                600 W
R.P.M                         10.500
Volume                       40 – 100 ltr

On this model it is not possible to remove part of the mixer foot assembly for cleaning.

Start by unplugging the unit and rinse it under running water, never use jet spray guns motor can sustain
serious damages by splashing water passing thru ventilations slots.

To clean the inside portion of the blade protector you can place the mixer into
clear water and start the machine for few seconds.